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Nelson City Council wishes to allow a residential subdivision around the Kaka Stream area of the Maitai Valley. This is one area identified in Council’s  Future Development Strategy  (FDS) as being suitable for residential development. This FDS has “superceded” a Nelson Urban Growth Strategy  of 2006 which states  “NUGS submissions on the Maitai were very strongly opposed to any residential zoning, based on loss of open space, conflicts with recreation values, and the effects of more traffic and noise. “ And as a result: “Do not provide for any future residential zoning in this area. •”

The  Nelson Tasman Future Development Strategy 2019. Arises from a massive desk excercise based on identifying all available potential residential land based on factors such as accessability from town, topography and ease of development. Public consultation of study parameters was undertaken, but NOT IN TERMS OF SPECIFIC LOCATIONS.

It is important to note that the present rural smallholding zoning allows subdivision of an average of 1 hectare lots, with minimum size of 5,000 m2. This would allow something like 38 sections being developed, as opposed to the 550 proposed. It is possible a 38 section development would not happen because of the costs of service infrastructure.


The consortium of building companies who own the land and wish to create the subdivision are presently working on the subdivision design. When this is sorted they will request NCC to change the zoning from rural smallholding to residential. This is called a  "Private Plan Change Request” and there is no obligation on the part of NCC to publicise this or consult on it. We are confident that NCC and the developers are deliberately doing all they can to keep this change of zoning  far from the public eye.

NEW 17 July  From Nelson City Council

"No application for a plan change or resource consent for development of the area known as Kaka Hill has yet been lodged with Council. "

(NB Note the "application" is being worked on in collaboration with NCC !  Just because it hasn't yet been formally lodged does NOT mean NCC are not aware of it. They are. And staff are working with the developers on it.)

"-We are expecting a plan change to be lodged in late September. Once that is received it will be reviewed for completeness and taken to Council for a decision on the process (but not the outcome). That is the same approach as all Plan Change requests. That report is likely to consider whether the application will have an independent hearing panel."

"-We have engaged a very experienced and independent planner to review and report on the Plan Change – Gina Sweetman. She will be working with internal staff and technical advisors."

"-Public and iwi engagement on the plan change proposal will occur – but no timeframe can be set for this until an application is received.

"-The Plan Change process involves the creation of a Structure Plan, with zones, rules and standards. It is not as detailed as the Resource Consent process, which will look particularly at the layout of lots; final design proposals for stormwater management & discharge standards; roading layout etc. Decisions about notification of the resource consents will be made once the application is lodged, in accordance with the Resource Management Act."


If people want more information about the Plan Change process please direct them to Maxine Day. However, initially please direct enquiries to customer services so a ‘Service Request’ can be made and then Maxine will follow up on - or direct them to the most appropriate people. "


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